The Nautical Club of Rianxo is in the province of La Coruña (Galicia), in the town of Rianxo and within the port itself, in the inlet with the same name, at the end of the Ria de Arosa, and between Fincheira and Porto Mouro capes.



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By sea

Nautical chart 926 I.H.M., 415 I.H.M., 415 C I.H.M. y 4152 I.H.M.

Boats outside the Ria trying to access to the Nautical Club of Rianxo have to proceed through a channel located between the island of Sálvora and the peninsula of El Grove. It is 2 m wide and 60 m depth, practicable in all circumstances and by all boat types. Within it, once passed the peninsula of O Grove and the island of Sálvora, we will maintain course to pass between the Jidoiro Pedregoso small barren island and the Rúa island. This channel about 1,600 m wide and 60 to 70 ms deeep, is safe and advisable for all those boats going to the interior of the Ria. Once surpassed the channel through its central way, we will amend the course sailing to the 025 degrees until surpassing the position Cabío-Barbafeita Capes, once there we will fall 50 degrees starboard until reaching the meridian 008 degrees 50´. There located, we will amend again to sail North throughout the meridian until reaching the location opposite the buoyed entrance of the port, while we are falling NNE little by little, avoiding this way a pit with 2.3 m water located 0.4 m ESE of Mouro Cape. The entering has to be made next to dock S (green buoy), where all club facilities are located. Zone N is occupied by the fleet of mussel ships, that usually moor very close to the entrance, so it is necessary to pay attention.


By air



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Lavacolla in Santiago de Compostela


Peinador in Vigo


Alvedro in La Coruña





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Santiago de Compostela


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La Coruña








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