The Nautical Club of Rianxo was born in October 1990, when the foundational act was signed by the five promoter partners: Ramón Noya López, Jesús Ferrón Martínez, José Antonio Noya López, Luís Ríos Tallón y Martín R. Gómez González. In this meeting took place the Constitutional Convention and the first board of directors was appointed.


Once founded, during the first years, the Association was progressively increasing the number of memberships. Later on there was a kind of standstill, due mainly to the temporality of the premises and the uncertain future plans as there were no concrete projects. 


In recent years resigns have increased due to the rising of the instalments with the purpose of being able to install a permanent watching service; at present, nevertheless the Club counts with very faithful memberships interested in nautical matters and thanks to that there are not more resigns. Nowadays there is an increasing demand of mooring vacancies.





*Ria is the original name of a natural formation when the sea goes into the land due to the submersion of the litoral. It is similar to an estuary.



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