Dear Seafarer,


For you who come down from North to South or go up from South to North, performing long nautical crossings along the steep Galician cost. For you who jump from ria* to ria to relax from your arduous daily work or compete in the numerous boat races which take place in our seashore. For you who are wishing to tie up your boat to enjoy a comforting tourism on our geography. Or for you who never sail away but live dreaming of being able to do it. For you all is this sincere invitation to make a stop in your way and come to visit our port.


Here you will find a Club looking forward to friendly welcome you. Here you will be welcomed in its premises that, despite of their modesty, will provide you with decently equipped moorings. Here you will be helped by sailors who will not doubt to give you all their attention.


Here you will find a city council and village full of history and with an outstanding architectonic patrimony, plenty of landscaping richness, with a good bet in the cultural field, with the renowned Guadalupe festivity and a song, La RIANXEIRA that has gone all around the world. Here, in the end, you will find people who will not doubt to welcome you with open arms, always willing to offer you an unselfish hospitality.


Waiting for you,



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