In January 1991 with the collaboration of Rianxo’s Council and the support of the Fishermen Guild, Mussel Farmers Associations and other sports, cultural and local organizations, the first premises located in the Punta Ficheira lands were built. The signing of an Agreement with the council approved in the plenary session of the 4th December 1991, with the transfer of the operating rights, established a series of advantages that the Nautical Club offered to the residents of Rianxo.


After many difficulties and delays and with an important subsidy from Xunta de Galicia trough the Secretaría Xeral de Turismo, in July 1992, the first premises were opened. They were composed by a marina with 40 moorings, a floating platform ramp for light vessels launching and docking, a wharehouse for keeping boats and a multipurpose local with a classroom, office and changing and toilet rooms.



During the first quarter of 1993 the harbour was enlarged with six new modules, increasing up to 40 more the number of moorings. In 1996 the last enlargement was performed with the addition of a reinforced concrete floating module, placed in T shape at the end of the harbour. This way three new moorings, a big one and two small, were created. 





In mid 2002 after performing plenty of long formalities with Portos de Galicia, the very last premises enlargement was developed with the installation of three concrete modules and a connecting dock. This action created new moorings (22) which are exclusively offered to rent.

The Nautical Club of Rianxo has nowadays the following premises and boat equipments:

-Common area for multipurpose activities with TV and video

-Coffee Bar

-Changing room and bathrooms with hot and cold water

-Warehouse to keep light vessels and other material

-Water and electricity.

-Night lighting


-Sailing school with boats and complementary equipment:

  • Two pneumatic semi-rigid motor boats

  • Two school-sailboats “Raquero”

  • 4 “Vaurien” sailboats 

  • 4 “Cadete” sailboats

  • 7 “Optimist” sailboats

  • 1 travel-lift for light sailboats travel

-Slipway ramp

-Floating dock with fingers, water, electricity that can hold out 105 moorings.Among the total moorings, 77 belong to members through the purchasing of the mooring right tenure, and the other 28 are of the Nautical Club property. Posts are distributed in the following way:




Type of mooring


Number of moorings


6,00 x 2,5



8,00 x 3,00



10,00 x 3,50



12,00 x 4


E 14 x 6 2


16,00 x 8,00









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